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Annual Membership

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The Allyn Community Association is a unique organization. Powered by volunteers, it embraces the community in many ways—some seen and some unseen. Membership is the lifeline for the Allyn Community Association to continue to be a lively, active and productive organization. Each member is an essential part of the future of the North Bay area. Through the common bond of membership, we can share information, build friendships and leave a legacy as we embrace opportunities to preserve and better our community. At $35 per membership year (October - September) it is a bargain and helps the ACA continue its mission. 

Membership dues help cover the cost of The North Bay Review, which is the ACA’s tool to communicate what is happening in the community and it keeps us all connected. If you reside outside of the Allyn, Victor, Grapeview, Mason Lake, Benson Lake, Trails End Lake and South Shore postal zones, dues include first-class mailing of the North Bay Review. Dues also help make possible the special events like Memorial Day Remembrance event, Santa’s annual visit, and the Christmas Community Sing-Along that so many people enjoy. Dues help the ACA maintain the entrances to town, Bell Park and the north end Triangle area and help with monthly operating expenses. The funds also enable the ACA to put money into improvements at Allyn Waterfront Park making it more useable and enjoyable for the community. 

The ACA is a voice for our community and as we continue to move forward, we invite you to join. If you’re not yet a member and would like to be, a membership link is provided. You can also mail a check with your information to ACA PO Box 52, Allyn, WA 98524. We treasure our members and welcome you to join in the gatherings, fundraisers and events that we are host. Being a member of the ACA is fun- you get to meet new folks, and participate with neighbors you haven’t yet met. You will want to be a part of the new vision for the future.

ACA Membership: Services
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